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Interactive PV Power Station

An interactive PV power station is a large diversified photovoltaic (PV) power generation project which organically combines PV power generation with industries like sewage treatment, barren sand control, agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, etc. and follows the principle of efficient, environment-friendly, and sustainable land utilization.

Agricultural PV technology is widely applied at present. So, what is agricultural PV technology?

"Agricultural PV technology" focuses on agriculture and regards PV technology only as the supplement to facility agriculture or the recycle of surplus sunlight of agriculture. It gives priority to the demand of agriculture for land and the ability of PV technology to timely satisfy the demand of agriculture for sunlight during operation.

"PV agriculture" places particular emphasis on the construction and investment of PV technology and focuses on PV technology itself, almost ignoring the demands of agriculture. Currently its main manifestations in China are low-support PV power stations or fixed high-support or semi-high-support PV power stations (headroom less than 1.5 m).

Instead of being the simple collection of PV power station and traditional agriculture, agricultural PV technology is an emerging industry derived from the mutual interaction and fusion of new energy and new agriculture, a huge systematic project, the high integration of various disciplines, an important mode of China's new rural construction, one of the significant solutions to the sustainable development of China's agriculture, and a necessary realization approach to China's healthy ecological agriculture.