Company Dynamics

Company Dynamics

Zhong Baoshen: PERC battery’s market shares are expected to exceed 50% by 2020.

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On May 25, 2017 Photovoltaic Leader Summit was held in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. Industrial experts and photovoltaic giants conducted discussion pertinent to advanced technology and pacemaker plan related to photovoltaic industry with the theme “Explore into industrial development and innovation, facilitate regional energy transition”. As the largest mono-crystalline product manufacturer in the world, President of LONGi was invited to attend the conference and joined in the speech among photovoltaic leaders.

Zhong Baoshen expressed that the development speed of photovoltaic industry in recent years was largely beyond expectations. Moreover, the trend would continue. He predicted that PERC battery’s market shares by 2020 was likely to exceed 50% because advanced technology was the most important factor in the photovoltaic industry in the future, even the major decisive factor. At the meanwhile, he raised that the matching between the application of photovoltaic technology and demands was not completely realized. The conflicts of interests between some local photovoltaic industries and traditional energy were not well handled. Distributed power sale was still restricted in many aspects. He proposed the hope that the government could solve relevant problems and overcome the barriers so that photovoltaic industry could stably forge ahead. Of course, as the emerging industry that grows up quickly, the development of photovoltaic industry definitely experienced fluctuations. Only by adapting to the changes and fluctuations could the enterprise stood firmly in the market competition. Since the establishment, LONGi has been always engaging in businesses stably and focusing on technological progress. In PHOTON’s 2016 Q1-Q3 report, LONGi ranked top one in terms of financial health and its comprehensive competitiveness was in the first echelon. Additionally, LONGi was the first enterprise that customizes production equipment in the photovoltaic industry, aiming at reserving equipment upgrading terminal in the future, ensuring the space for equipment upgrading along the assembly line, and extending the lifespan of production equipment. In productivity expansion, LONGi also proposed requirements on itself, i.e., the newly constructed productivity must be the mainstream products in the future two to three years in order to obtain competitiveness and bargaining ability.

The other day, National Energy Bureau issued Letter of Request, “Notification of requirements on constructing application base of photovoltaic power generation advanced technology in 2017” in hope that local government, electricity grid company, electricity investment enterprise and industrial association could report relevant suggestions to the new energy bureau.
From the contents of the Letter of Request, the application base of photovoltaic power generation advanced technology in 2017, including photovoltaic power generation pace-making technology base (i.e., “photovoltaic pacemaker”) and photovoltaic power generation frontier technology application base (i.e., “super pacemaker” that gained concerns before). The total capacity was 8-10 GW, an increase compared to 5.5GW in the previous year. It also proved the opinions put forward by Vice Director of Department of New Energy of National Energy Bureau on 2016 Photovoltaic Leader Summit. Pacemaker Plan would become one important direction in the development of photovoltaic industry. Among the leading photovoltaic enterprises, LONGi is a sample that sticks to advanced technology. The initial light attenuation problem aroused concerns and worries in the industry about mono-crystalline battery and components. LONGi announced “Mono-crystalline Low-attenuation Proposal” to the whole world with UNSW and DR laser. By LIR technology, the initial light attenuation problem was effectively solved. Data showed that the attenuation of LONGi Leye photovoltaic products that adopted LIR technology in the first was lower than 2%. In the subsequent years, the attenuation was not higher than 0.55%. 25 years later, the power of components could still reach 84.8%. The solution of light attenuation could effectively increase the lifespan of photovoltaic system and amount of power generation as well as reduce the electricity cost LCOE.
HIS senior analyst, Hu Dan pointed out in the theme speech that the market shares of mono-crystalline battery and components would keep increasing in the future, reaching 37% by 2020, which was the result of the co-effect of reduction of mono-crystalline product’s price, improvement of efficiency and application of effective products encouraged by Pacemaker Plan. She stressed that the improvement of product’s efficiency was the key of reducing cost and improving competitiveness, which was also recognized by Zhong Baoshen.