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Xi'an LONGI CLEAN ENERGY Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Xi'an LONGI Silicon Materials Corp. (hereinafter referred to as LONGI Stock); as founded in June 2014, the Company is devoted to provide the solution of high-efficient intelligent PV application system, and has applied the investment, construction, and operation of the comprehensive ecological industry project combined with PV power generation, agriculture, fishing, barren sand governing, and livestock as the main task.

The parent company Xi'an LONGI Silicon Materials Corp. was founded in 2000 and is the largest silicon crystal product manufacturer in the world and leading silicon slice listed company of  A-share (SH.601012); in 2015, the Company was ranked first in the financial health index of the global PV enterprises consulted by PHOTON. The Company has deep experiences in PV field for 15 years, and has structured the PV industry chain layout from silicon slice production to component manufacturing and power station development, and guided to transform from the professional manufacturer of solar silicon material to the global leading solar electricity equipment company gradually.

Since its establishment, Xi'an LONGI Clean Energy Co., Ltd. has attracted a lot of excellent talents from famous universities and enterprises in the industry to join the Company by relying on the powerful fund strength of the parent company and combining with the advantages of research, development and production of high-efficient single crystal PV component and the scale centralized purchasing, thus the Company is devoted to provide the high-quality, high-efficient, and reliable ecological interactive type PV power generation system, take the “share the clean energy” as the own mission, and gradually develops to be the global leading high-efficient ecological intelligent PV electricity investment operator and service provider.